#define EINPROGRESS 115 /* Operation now in progress */ It means an existing operation on the socket is in progress. Since, you said you are doing a connect () call, lets do a man connect: EINPROGRESS The socket is nonblocking and the connection cannot be completed immediately.

2018-4-2 · 该日志由 yslf002yahoo 于2年前发表在综合分类下,最后更新于 2018年04月02日. 转载请注明: linux errno定义 | 学步园 +复制链接 Linux C/C++中errno含义 | 学步园 2013-12-5 · errno.115 is: Operation now in progress errno.116 is: Stale NFS file handle errno.117 is: Structure needs cleaning errno.118 is: Not a XENIX named type file errno.119 is: No XENIX semaphores available errno.120 is: Is a named type file errno.121 is: Remote I/O 【errno】- CSDN

2019-10-5 · 打电话execl()时我得到一个errno=2。 这是什么意思?我怎么知道这个意思errno? 慕课网首页 免费课程 实战课程 115 EINPROGRESS Operation now in progress 116 ESTALE Stale file handle 117 EUCLEAN Structure needs cleaning 120 EISNAM

2019-12-15 · errno 是记录系统的最后一次错误代码。代码是一个int型的值,在errno.h中定义。查看错误代码errno是调试程序的一个重要方法。当linux C api函数发生异常时,一般会将errno变量(需include errno.h)赋一个整数值,不同的值表示不同的含义,可以通过查看该值 C 库宏 – errno | 菜鸟教程 C 库宏 - errno C 标准库 - 描述 C 库宏 extern int errno 是通过系统调用设置的,在错误事件中的某些库函数表明了什么发生了错误。 声明 下面是 errno 宏的声明。 extern int errno 参数 NA 返回值 NA 实例 下面的实例演示了 errno 宏的用法。 TCP/IP 某些最常见的错误原因码 (errno)列表 - jiu~ …

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Linux Errno Codes This exception is thrown when TopLink tries to access an attribute through method using Java reflection. Linux Errno Example This book contains many real life examples derived from the author's experience as a Linux system and network administrator, trainer and consultant. Errno 115: "Operation now in progress" Any ideas as to what might be causing that? Apr 03, 2017 · LEM mount error(115): Operation now in progress Overview This article describes an error during the LEM upgrade process where you are asked to specify a network share location containing upgrade files.