Jun 13, 2019

Do I need a full antivirus for my iPhone ® or iPad ®?. Due to the stringent controls on the apps in the Apple ® iTunes ® store, a product offering a full virus scan for an iPhone or iPad is not strictly necessary. This is why Webroot solely offers a secure web browser for iOS ® devices. Despite these controls, though, iPad and iPhone security solutions are essential as even iOS ® attacks How to Remove Apple iPad Pop-Up Virus Scam - MacTip Jun 13, 2019 Do Apple devices need anti-virus software? | Computerworld Do Apple devices need anti-virus software? The nature of cyber attacks is changing, and traditional perimeter defenses aren't as effective as before. Your best option is anti-virus combined with Virus Protection for iPad Free Download | iPad Antivirus Nov 27, 2017

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Would you address the issue of security for the iPad? As a Windows user security is always at the top of my list. I have nothing protecting my iPad. Is there such an animal? Am I open to viruses, malware and spyware? As always, I appreciate your time in responding. … What’s the Best Antivirus for iPhone? None!