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This plugin re-enables adblock by implementing custom code for each of these websites: - - - NO other websites are supported as each fix is custom made. You may request fixes for other sites if you would like to remove their adblock-counterblock. Adblocker for Android: Top 8 Best Ad-Blocker Apps for Android Adblock Plus for Android is a free ad blocker app for android devices that can enhance your browsing experience. The app works in the background and filters all the advertisements. The installation and configuration of the app differ from device to device. Free Proxy Server Lists 2016. The Pro Review from TechReviewPro. UPX Unblock Websites Proxy Browser APK - Download for Android Jun 09, 2020 Adblock Plus APK Download For Android - Androideapk Adblock Plus APK. Download APK (3.4MB) The current trend is enjoying everything online. Though most of the platforms claim they are offering free programs or free things, you actually have to watch the ads.

Can't save proxy settings after installing AdBlock Plus

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Epic was the first browser to block cryptomining scripts and now offers that protection to Android users. Epic's AdBlock blocks ads, trackers, cryptomining scripts, popups and more. ★ Strict

Its not about adblock i guess. Its is just that you have to give proxy server ip instead of hostname ( it looks something like 10.X.X.X ). it will enable save button. So you put that ip in proxy hostname and save button will be enabled. ( It worked for me in my android) How to block ads on Android App Without Root