Apple fixes its FaceTime bug. You'll get a software update

Jan 29, 2019 A ‘black eye’ for Apple: FaceTime bug shakes faith in Jan 29, 2019 Apple Working on Patch to Prevent FaceTime Spying Jan 29, 2019 FaceTime’s security bug had some hard lessons – TechTalks Feb 01, 2019

How Apple could miss a privacy-invading FaceTime security

Is Facetime Safe, Private and Secure for Video Calling? Apr 21, 2017 Everything you need to know about the FaceTime spying bug

Use a strong password for your Apple ID. Apple policy requires you use strong passwords with your …

Facetime Bug Allows Spying, Apple Promises Fix This Week A critical security flaw in Apple’s Facetime voice and video chat software makes it possible to spy on users without their knowledge. The bug, which has been confirmed by Apple, allows Facetime *privacy not included - FaceTime