Aug 23, 2018 · The short answer to your question is yes, unless you protect yourself, it’s possible that someone on her computer with less than honorable intent could cause you grief in several ways. Let’s look at how. Become a Patron of Ask Leo! and go ad-free!

Nov 20, 2013 · 2. Share Common Internet Connection via USB Cable. Sharing Internet Connection From your PC to Android Devices over USB Cable is a bit tough. But USB Cable is much convenient as almost all Android Phones are having USB Connection facility but not WiFi Access. So, if your Android Phone is not having WiFi Access or your PC uses DSL/LAN Connection While it is easy to use your iPhone’s internet on your PC through USB, the reverse-tethering is not. You will need to be patient, as what you will be doing is essentially tricking your iPhone and PC into sharing the PC internet with your phone over a USB connection. Share a cellular Internet connection from iPhone. On the other device, go to Settings > Wi-Fi, then choose your iPhone from the list of available networks.. If asked for a password on the other device, enter the password shown in Settings > Cellular > Personal Hotspot on your iPhone. Jul 09, 2015 · how to share your pc's internet connection with other pc or smartphone/tablates etc. have you ever wanted to share your pc's internet co Mar 16, 2011 · In the Local Area Connection Properties box go to Sharing tab. Under Internet Connection Sharing category select Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection radio button to enable ICS and click on Ok button to accept and confirm your selection.

Sep 20, 2017 · Press the ‘Start Hotspot’ button to share your wired Internet connection. Wi-Fi enabled devices such as PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and game consoles can now be connected through wireless to your PC.

Mar 20, 2019 · For Share my Internet connection from, choose the Internet connection you want to share. Select Edit > enter a new network name and password > Save. Turn on Share my Internet connection with other devices. To connect on the other device, go to the Wi-Fi settings on that device, find your network name, select it, enter the password, and then connect. Feb 27, 2017 · To do this, go to “Settings -> Network -> Mobile hotspot,” then switch on the “Share my Internet connection” slider. Make a note of the network name and password shown below, then just connect to the network like you would to a normal WiFi network.

Apr 26, 2014 · My newish neighbour knocked on my door the other day to say he'd been waiting weeks for broadband, and could he share my Wi-Fi connection, as it works in his flat. I gave him the password but am

Feb 03, 2016 · The last thing you need to do is to share an internet connection using the "Internet Connection Sharing" feature from a physical network adapter. Use the Windows key + X keyboard shortcut to open You can use Personal Hotspot to share a cellular Internet connection from your iPad (Wi-Fi + Cellular models) to other devices. Personal Hotspot is useful when the other devices don’t have Internet access from a Wi-Fi network. Instant Hotspot allows you to connect your devices to Personal Hotspot without entering a password.