Assuming your computer or NAS has the ability to aggregate (and has 2 nics) then yes, that is what it is designed for. Top. Kong DD-WRT Downloads . Active Forum Topics. New & Updated Forum Topics . Unanswered Forum Topics . New forum topics. Bricked R8000 need JTAG pinouts;

Look at TomatoUSB or DD-WRT, two excellent products that might suit your needs better. If however you prefer something as close as possible to the manufacturer's firmware, then this is for you. The ASUSWRT-Merlin firmware, rather than reinventing the wheel and flashing your router to something completely different, simply expands upon the Dec 24, 2015 · It takes 10 minutes to secure a DD-WRT wi-fi router. These are a security professional's recommended DD-WRT settings, including DD-WRT wireless settings. Follow these steps and I can almost guarantee you'll have the most secure network on your block, as well as unlocking some great capability from these devices. Sep 11, 2017 · We’ve already put your DD-WRT router in first gear with the power of the Opkg package manager. It’s time to install a Transmission and shift gears. How-To Geek explains how to install the BiTorrent client Transmission on DD-WRT. Sep 14, 2012 · If you are looking for a DD-WRT router to use for port forwarding and many other upgraded services, you can purchase one in our FlashRouters DD-WRT Routers Store. #1: Find your IP Address & Open the Router’s Admin Console. To determine the IP address of your router, use this simple step:

Is this bug back? I just bought a TP-Link Archer C1900 and installed the latest release of DD-WRT on it. I initially installed 03-27-2019-r39296 and then upgraded to 04-10-2019-r39469 when I saw that was available. Both versions exhibit the problem. I got everything set up on it except NAS.

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The web interface for DD-WRT obviously is different to ours and DD-WRT has some different functionality. If you use RAIDar or ReadyCLOUD to discover the NAS, or find the NAS I.P. address looking at the screen on the front of the NAS you shouldn't notice any difference as you shouldn't need to access the web admin interface of the router.

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